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Cabinet Truckbox

The DÖKA TruckBox is a very robust protection cabinet for all portable fire extinguishers from DÖKA with 6kg or 6l content,

especially for mounting on truck for hazardous equipment according to ADR, but also for all outdoor areas. It is made from recyclable polypropylene. The TruckBox is fuel resistant, acid resistant and has a high impact resistance, even at temperatures up to -30 ° C. The continuous seal ensures a tight seal and keeps the fire extinguisher dry and clean. The two straps can be quickly customized by bayonet on the fire extinguisher. The ten reinforced attachment points on the bottom of the TruckBox allows nearly universal mounting. To protect the fire extinguishers from theft, the TruckBox can be secured with a padlock (not included). An additional car bracket is not required with this protective cabinet.