Spray and jet mode

With jet mode the DÖKA S-CAFS12 reaches distances of up to 18 m in the horizontal and up to 14 m in the vertical. The spray beam protects the user effectively against radiant heat.

Easy handling

The simple operating concept of the DÖKA S-CAFS12 allows the application after only a short briefing.

Suitable for many extinguishing agents

The DÖKA S-CAFS12 can be used with nearly all standard foam extinguishing agents. You can use existing extinguishing media and save time and money for additional storage and administration costs.

High performance

Due to the special nozzle technology the max. Possible rating according to DIN EN3. The rating of II B, which was originally intended for mobile fire-fighting equipment, was also successfully achieved by the DÖKA S-CAFS12.

Uniform water mist

The special pressure reducer of the DÖKA S-CFAS fire extinguishers ensures a constant operating pressure and thus the same fire extinguishing jet, from the beginning of the fire to the extinguishing. With the water mist nozzle drop sizes of 100-150μm are realized.

Tank is made of light coal and armaid fiber

The extinguishing tank is made of high-quality ultra light carbon and aramid fibre ensures an extremely low weight of equipment. With an empty weight of just 10.0 kg it is about 3.4 kg lighter than the DÖKA S-CAFS9.

Easy to fill

The DÖKA S-CAFS12 is refilled with just a few hands. The propellant gas bottle is used by every fire brigade and can also be easily refilled. The filling with technical compressed air is sufficient.

Low operating pressure

The low operating pressure of only 8.5 bar ensures the safe use of the DÖKA S-CAFS high-performance fire extinguishers.


The backpack of the DÖKA S-CAFS12 also offers space for a breathing air bottle.