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About us

For more than 60 years, DÖKA Feuerlöschgerätebau GmbH has been developing and producing portable and mobile fire extinguishers with all common extinguishing agents in Kassel, North Hesse.

The company was founded as a fire protection specialist shortly after the end of the war in 1948.

Already in the following year, the production of portable fire extinguishers under the trademark "DÖKA" was started. As an independent family business, we have always attached great importance to high quality, ergonomic handling and simple service.

Location Kassel

Since the company was founded, the headquarters of DÖKA Feuerlöschgerätebau GmbH have been located in Kassel in North Hesse, in the heart of Germany.
The documenta city of Kassel is not only the administrative centre, but also the place where we develop and produce our products, high quality fire extinguishers. This is what we call 100% "Made in Germany".

The central location and excellent transport infrastructure of the Waldau Industrial Park, with motorways, railway stations and airports in the immediate vicinity, result in fast and short transport routes to our customers. In partnership with our logistics service providers, we thus achieve a standard delivery time in Germany of 24/48 hours from goods issue to delivery of the fire extinguishers to our customers.

But the documenta city of Kassel has even more to offer. Kassel is the economic and cultural centre of the North Hesse/South Lower Saxony region in the middle of Germany. The beautiful city with its lovely surroundings has a lot to offer citizens and also guests from all over the world:

  • An attractive city centre with numerous shopping opportunities
  • Districts with partly historical centres
  • A rich cultural offer with renowned museums, including the documenta, the world's largest exhibition of contemporary art.
  • Business locations with high-tech companies and attractive opportunities for relocation
  • University location with a wide range of courses, as well as the art academy and highly qualified research institutes
  • Public and private facilities for sport and leisure

These are just a few of the things that make our city and our production location so valuable.

Our products

In the development of our fire extinguishers, we naturally pay attention not only to compliance with technical standards, but above all to the user. After all, they must be able to use the fire extinguisher quickly and safely in an emergency. Important innovative designs, such as the central fitting with impact button and foam cartridge extinguishers were developed by us. We were also the first to use the environmentally friendly foam cartridge system in mobile fire extinguishers. Today, these foam cartridge systems have almost completely replaced the premix solutions in mobile fire extinguishers. All these developments have now become established on the market.

Our manufacturing programme includes portable and mobile fire extinguishers for all applications with the extinguishing agents powder, water, foam and carbon dioxide. In the case of portable fire extinguishers, we manufacture both simple continuous pressure extinguishers and technically more sophisticated rechargeable extinguishers. Special extinguishers for special applications round off our product range.

DÖKA production site in Kassel