Cartridge operated Si6BS ECO


fluorine-free with high rating


In the development and manufacture of fire extinguishers, questions of environmental protection and resource conservation are more and more the focus of attention. It is important to use environmentally friendly technologies as well as safe and highly functional operational capability with one another to combine. The DÖKA Si6BS ECO is the first fluorine-free foam fire extinguisher with 9 extinguishing agent units.



Fluorine freeFluorine-free extinguishing agent

In recent years, foam has become the most important extinguishing agent in the field of portable fire extinguishers. The significantly lower damage caused by the extinguishing agent during use, compared to powder fire extinguishers, has made it indispensable, especially in indoor areas.
In order to achieve an acceptable extinguishing performance, it was not technically possible up to now to completely do without the use of fluorine. Thanks to the new formulation of the foam extinguishing agent used in the Si6BS ECO, it has now been possible to achieve the rating of 27A / 144B and thus almost the performance of conventional foam agents.


The Si6BS ECO is based on the sophisticated device technology of our previous foam extinguishers. Neither special foam nozzles nor special propellant gas cartridges are required. Environmentally conscious and economical, especially when it comes to service.

The knock button fitting and the union nut on the fire extinguishers of the DÖKA Si6BS ECO are made of brass. In addition to the requirements of the DIN EN 3 standard, a pressure relief valve with a brass body is installed as standard. This means even more security for the user. The generously dimensioned control parts of these fire extinguishers, such as the strike button, fuse and carrying handle, are designed in such a way that the fire extinguishers can also be operated with gloves without any problems. The rotating extinguishing pistol rounds off the perfect handling of these devices.