S-CAFS - Profi Line


CAFS - Compressed Air Foam System

Portable and mobile water mist CAFS extinguishing systems from DÖKA reduce response time, increase efficiency and control the fire hazard in the initial stage. The specially designed atomization nozzle creates optimum droplet sizes for extensive heat absorption with maximum lancing distance. DÖKA products are designed to operate with either water or most available foam agent and are manufactured in sizes from 9L to 12L and 50L. All fire extinguishers are developed and produced with high quality precision parts and German engineering expertise.

Water mist

Other water mist systems provide droplets in the range between 50 and 999 μm. According to the American guideline NFPA 750, class 1 water mist has droplets of up to 200 μm. Droplets of this ideal size remain more elusive and can usually only be ensured under high pressure.

The DÖKA S-CAFS extinguishers produce a droplet size of 100 and 150 μm with a working pressure of just 8.5 bar!

The water mist is generated by the kinetic energy of the compressed air on the liquid in a self-developed nozzle system. The compressed air swirls up the liquid and atomizes it into small droplets of the size 100-150 μm, which cools the firing hearth 50 times faster than with an ordinary water jet.

Functional principle DÖKA S-CAFS

Functional principle DÖKA S-CAFS


Advantages of the DÖKA S-CAFS ProfiLine

Extinguishing effect

DÖKA S-CAFS can effectively combat fire extinguishing fires by rapid cooling and by suffocation.

Jet- and Spraymode

The extinguishing gun can be switched to a jet and a spray mode, thus fighting the fire in a targeted manner or in a large area.

Maximum safety

Due to the low working pressure of 8.5 bar, the S-CAFS extinguishers have only a very low rebound. This also ensures safety for the untrained user.

Different extinguishing agents possible

The DÖKA S-CAFS extinguishers can be operated with different foam agents or even with pure water. Flexibility for different application scenarios.

Minimal extinguishing agent damage

DÖKA S-CAFS fire extinguishers require significantly less water compared to conventional extinguishing systems to achieve the same extinguishing effect, which considerably reduces the damage caused by extinguishing agents.

Protection against radiant heat

The water mist shields the user effectively from radiant heat and allows a more effective fire control.

Protection against smoke

The fine water mist binds smoke particles in the air and thereby improves the visibility at the soldering set.