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Operating instructions

Operating instructions and CE declaration of conformity for portable fire extinguishers

The operating instructions / declaration of conformity are part of the scope of delivery of all portable fire extinguishers. It must always be handed over to the operator upon delivery and kept by the operator. As an alternative to the paper form, this PDF file can also be kept by the operator.

Note for portable extinguishers

For mobile extinguishers, further data of the extinguisher must be added to the operating instructions. The operating instructions completed by us are supplied with each mobile extinguishing unit.
The document offered here for download is therefore not valid for mobile extinguishers!

If necessary, the document "Inspection of a pressure system prior to commissioning with regard to the installation conditions in accordance with §15 of the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health PS x V less than 1000", which is issued by a competent person, must be completed. A corresponding blank form is also included in the scope of delivery of the extinguisher.

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