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Areas of application of fire extinguishers

Waste management

Carelessly disposed of flammable liquids, batteries and accumulators are two examples of externally introduced risks. However, the operation of the systems themselves, heavy machines, shredders, presses, etc. also involve fire risks.

There is an increased risk of fire in waste disposal facilities

When selecting an extinguishing agent, the protection of employees comes first. Due to the naturally robust design of the mechanical systems, powder fire extinguishers with their universal fire class suitability are certainly the first choice.

DÖKA has powder fire extinguishers in various designs and sizes in its delivery program. The mobile extinguishing devices from DÖKA are an excellent addition to this industrial sector.

DÖKA fire extinguishers for waste management

Chemical and petroleum industry

Every year, fires in this industrial sector cause damage amounting to billions of euros.

In no other area is there a higher risk of fire than when processing flammable liquids, chemicals, oil and gas

Here, too, portable and mobile fire extinguishers play a central role in fire protection. Thanks to their quick availability and easy handling, fire extinguishers are also indispensable in these high-risk areas.

In addition to powder and foam fire extinguishers, DÖKA also offers a number of other special fire extinguishers for the chemical industry. For example, the DÖKA foam fire extinguishers SK6BPv or the DÖKA SK9BPv are suitable for extinguishing polar liquids.

DÖKA fire extinguishers for chemical and petroleum industry

Electrical systems

Almost all DÖKA fire extinguishers are suitable for extinguishing live systems. The limit of use for fire extinguishers is 1,000 volts *.

In most industrial and private sectors, this limit is also not exceeded

In areas where work is carried out with higher voltages, fire extinguishers with special extinguishing agents are necessary.

Powder fire extinguishers with BC extinguishing powder in the range are particularly suitable for live systems, as BC extinguishing powder is not electrically conductive. These fire extinguishers can also be used above 1,000 V. *

* The safety instructions on the operating screen of the fire extinguisher must be observed!

DÖKA fire extinguishers for electrical systems


In electroplating and hardening shops, baths or molten salts with sodium or potassium cyanide can be used; in addition, oil baths are often used for hardening purposes. Fire extinguishers with ABC extinguishing powders and those with BC extinguishing powders based on hydrogen carbonate (s) must not be used in such establishments.

Special extinguishing agents must be used for galvanizing baths

ABC extinguishing powders contain monoammonium phosphate as an extinguishing substance, which reacts acidic, even if only weakly. However, the acidity of monoammonium phosphate is sufficient to release the very toxic, volatile hydrocyanic acid (hydrogen cyanide) from potassium or sodium cyanide. This happens both in aqueous solutions (electroplating baths) and in molten salts (hardening baths). Extinguishing powder based on hydrogen carbonates split off carbon dioxide and water at higher temperatures. It happens that extinguishing powder is introduced into high-temperature oil baths, e.g. B. when extinguishing, this process of gas elimination may take place almost explosively and drag more or less large amounts of highly heated oil with it foaming, which means a great danger.

The solution for these problems are the BC powder fire extinguishers DÖKA Pi6BS-37 and DÖKA Pi12BS-37. The used BC extinguishing powder based on potassium sulphate reacts neutrally and does not split off any gases.

DÖKA fire extinguishers for electroplating


Patient waiting rooms, consulting rooms and laboratories with flammable liquids, highly sensitive diagnostic technology are just a few examples.
In hospitals there are also generator rooms, archives, server rooms, kitchens and even helipads.

There are a number of different fire risks in medical practices

Wherever there are staff and patients, the main focus of fire protection is on protecting people's health and life. Powder fire extinguishers should be avoided, especially in patient areas. The cloud of extinguishing powder that arises when using a powder extinguisher can make evacuating patients considerably more difficult. Foam fire extinguishers are a much better choice here.

In certain operating areas, however, special fire extinguishers may also be necessary, which DÖKA also has in its range. Conventional fire extinguishers cannot be used in areas with strong magnetic fields, such as those found in computer tomography. Fire extinguishers with anti-magnetic properties must be available here, such as the DÖKA KS5AM, a specially equipped carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. But foam fire extinguishers that are suitable for extinguishing polar liquids are also required. Here, too, DÖKA has appropriate solutions.

DÖKA fire extinguishers for healthcare

Trade and commerce

A fire can quickly lead to panic and catastrophe, especially in areas where there are many people.

The fire extinguisher is particularly important here, as it is available as a first aid facility with almost no time delay and can effectively prevent the spread of fire.

Fire protection in publicly accessible buildings such as retail stores and supermarkets plays an extremely important role

DÖKA recommends not using powder fire extinguishers in publicly accessible buildings. In addition to the smoke that is already generated, when the powder fire extinguisher is used, there is also a cloud of powder that may panic people present. Ideally, foam fire extinguishers are used here, which also limit the extinguishing damage to the actual source of the fire.

In addition to the areas of these buildings frequented by visitors, there are also other fire risks for which DÖKA has appropriate fire extinguishers in its product range.
Technical rooms for heating and air conditioning systems can usually also be well protected with foam fire extinguishers. In IT areas or server rooms, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers can also be installed to protect the sensitive systems.

The DÖKA product range has the right fire extinguisher to choose from for all fire risks.

DÖKA fire extinguishers for trade and commerce


Fire gives us warmth and light in our home. But it can also destroy anything.

In Germany every year around 600 people die in around 200,000 reported fires. But even if the worst does not happen, a fire can mean that we suddenly lose all of our belongings, possibly even the roof over our heads. In addition, the damage caused by the fire brigade's extinguishing water is often not even considered.

Defective or overheated electrical devices are the number 1 cause of fire

But almost every 6th fire can be traced back to human error. During the Advent season, the proportion of human misconduct is even higher.

With a fire extinguisher, the layman can quickly and safely extinguish a fire that has been detected in good time

DÖKA offers a range of fire extinguishers suitable for private homes. The DÖKA foam cartridge fire extinguishers are suitable for fire classes A (flammable solid substances) and B (flammable liquids). They cover the two most important fire classes that occur in all households. Compared to powder fire extinguishers, the damage caused by the extinguishing agent is also limited to the source of the fire.

In addition, the DÖKA fat fire extinguishers of the Bio + series are ideally suited for your home.
Fat fire extinguishers not only cover fire classes A and B, but also fire class F, i.e. burning edible oils and fats. This means that they can be used throughout the household without restriction.
So we have a special recommendation here for the DÖKA SN2Bio + and DÖKA SN3Bio +. Both fire extinguishers fit into the smallest kitchen due to their compact dimensions and are therefore always close at hand.

DÖKA fire extinguishers for private household


In industry, around 200 major loss events occur annually with a loss amount of more than 1 million euros. That doesn't sound like much at first

However, the consequential damage increases by a factor of 3-10 due to lost sales etc.! 40% of companies affected by such fire damage have to file for bankruptcy within one year, in the second year it is already 70%. This goes hand in hand with the fate of the owners and employees as well as their families.
Fire protection therefore plays an extremely important role in industry.

The first priority is the life and health of the employees, but also, for the reasons mentioned above, the protection of property

The right choice of fire extinguisher plays a central role. The complete range of portable and mobile fire extinguishers from DÖKA helps to protect industrial plants effectively. The powder, foam and water fire extinguishers from DÖKA certainly cover most of the fire risks in the industrial sector. But DÖKA also has a number of application-specific fire extinguishers in its range for special requirements.

Here are some examples:

For heavy industry and metal foundries, DÖKA also has fire extinguishers in its range that are extremely robust due to their design. For example the fire extinguisher GA6HS or GA12HS, in which plastic components were largely dispensed with. DÖKA has BC powder fire extinguishers in its range for high-voltage systems and electroplating companies. We also have special fire extinguishers for areas with strong magnetic fields.

DÖKA fire extinguishers for industry

Cultural Heritage - Museums and Archieve

The protection of the life and health of employees and visitors always comes first and does not accept compromises. In addition, some very sensitive and irretrievable property should be deleted as gently as possible.

Protecting irreplaceable historical property from fire is an enormous challenge

As a rule, the use of powder fire extinguishers in these facilities is prohibited. The extensive distribution of the extinguishing powder cloud inevitably affects areas that are not actually affected by the fire. In addition, remains of the extinguishing powder are very difficult to remove. The fine powder is deposited even in the smallest spaces. The damage caused by the extinguishing agent may be greater than the actual fire damage.

It is far better to use a highly effective extinguishing agent that can extinguish the fire quickly and effectively and does not affect the environment. DÖKA recommends the use of foam or water fire extinguishers, depending on the local conditions. The DÖKA foam cartridge fire extinguishers have a high extinguishing performance with which fires can be extinguished quickly and effectively.

DÖKA fire extinguishers for museums and archieves

Land transport - By road and rail

Mobility by road and rail is an integral part of our modern life. Get in, drive off, arrive quickly, comfortably and safely is the motto. This applies not only to passenger but also to goods traffic, as we don't want to stand in front of empty shelves.

Fire protection plays a important role in the transport sector

Around 15,500 vehicles burned in 2012, according to the German Insurance Association (GDV). Often it is technical defects that lead to a fire. Quickly intervening and extinguishing the fire can save lives and the cargo from total loss.

Fire extinguishers are mandatory for buses and the transport of dangerous goods and are therefore mandatory equipment.

The DÖKA ABC powder fire extinguishers comply with the legal requirements and we also have the appropriate vehicle holders and protective boxes for fire extinguishers in our range. Even if the fire extinguisher is not mandatory in the car (in Germany), it is certainly a good investment.
The vehicle fire extinguishers from DÖKA are always equipped with a pressure gauge and bracket

DÖKA Feuerlöscher für den Schienenverkehr

Air traffic

It is important to protect human life and, in some cases, considerable material assets as best as possible.

Tank vehicles and tank systems with flammable liquids, waiting areas for passengers, hangars in which the aircraft are parked and serviced are certainly the areas that would come to mind immediately on the subject of fire protection. Control and technical rooms, server rooms, parking garages and much more are just as important for the smooth operation of the airport.

There are a number of different fire risks at airports. A small fire can quickly lead to a catastrophe here

What the examples mentioned have in common is that there are people everywhere who either work there or wait for their aircraft as passengers. Only fire protection concepts that are tailored to the respective circumstances can provide effective protection against the respective fire hazards.

However, should a fire break out despite all the security precautions that are generally in place at airports, rapid and effective action is extremely important. Fire extinguishers are indispensable as first aid equipment and can effectively protect human life and property.

DÖKA's wide range of products offers the right fire extinguishers for all areas. Portable and mobile powder fire extinguishers for outdoor areas, foam fire extinguishers for waiting areas or carbon dioxide fire extinguishers for protecting sensitive electronic systems, to name just a few examples. DÖKA fire extinguishers protect employees, passengers and property.

DÖKA fire extinguishers for air ports and air traffic


The protection of the crew and, if necessary, of passengers has top priority here.

Since every ship is naturally self-sufficient, they are equipped with a range of technical equipment, which in some cases also entail special fire risks. There are, for example, engine rooms, battery and generator rooms, areas with electrical systems, storage rooms with partly flammable liquids, control rooms and kitchen rooms. All of these areas have completely different fire risks in some cases.

Nothing is more dangerous than fire on the high seas when rescue is miles away

DÖKA has specially approved a whole range of fire extinguishers for maritime shipping (MED). These fire extinguishers carry the "Wheelmark" symbol for special identification of fire extinguishers or products suitable for shipping. DÖKA has portable powder, foam, carbon dioxide and fat fire extinguishers and mobile extinguishers with MED approval.

DÖKA fire extinguishers for seafaring

Dust fires

Areas at risk are, for example, wood processing, the textile industry, mills or the processing of lignite. Fires usually occur as smoldering or smoldering fires of deposited dust. In order to avoid a dangerous dust explosion, the deposited dust must not be whirled up during extinguishing.

Dust fires pose a significant threat to human health and life in many industrial areas

DÖKA has a number of specialized fire extinguishers in its range that are designed to apply the extinguishing agent extremely fine and soft to the source of the fire. The fire extinguishers DÖKA Gi12BKS with ABC extinguishing powder, as well as the types DÖKA WN9BKSF and DÖKA Wi9BKSF are suitable for dust fires.

These DÖKA fire extinguishers are also explicitly approved for lignite dust smoldering fires.

DÖKA fire extinguishers for dust fires

Telecommunications and IT

But not only we humans would immediately feel a failure of these networks. Industry also speaks of "Industry 4.0" and the "Network of Things". In other words, everything from refrigerators, washing machines, heating systems to complete production systems is networked in order to get information even faster and more conveniently. A small fire can quickly cause a lot of damage here.

Our everyday life has become unthinkable without communication technology

What is seen as minor damage in other areas can be a medium-sized catastrophe in telecommunications. A fire in one of the electronic components of such networks can lead to the total failure of a network.

And so that such a small fire does not turn into an even bigger one, DÖKA has a wide range of fire extinguishers on offer that can protect such systems. The DÖKA carbon dioxide fire extinguishers extinguish without leaving an extinguishing agent residue, the carbon dioxide evaporates. But the DÖKA foam fire extinguishers and the DÖKA water fire extinguishers are also suitable for effectively preventing the spread of fire.

DÖKA fire extinguishers for telecommunications and IT