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Design and function of mobile fire extinguishers

Equipped with a stainless steel extinguishing agent container and separate extinguishing agent cartridge, the mobile foam fire extinguishers from DÖKA meet all the requirements for modern extinguishers of this type.
Functional description
  1. Pull out the safety pin on the propellant gas bottle and turn the rotary valve fully open.
  2. The propellant gas flows through the pressure line and injection line into the extinguishing agent cartridge and opens it, the extinguishing agent concentrate mixes with the water in the container. At the same time, the extinguishing agent container is put under operating pressure.
  3. The water/foam mixture is fed through the riser pipe and the hose line to the extinguishing pistol.
  4. The extinguishing agent is discharged by actuating the extinguishing pistol. By releasing the extinguishing pistol lever, the extinguishing agent discharge can be interrupted as desired.