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Extinguishing agent powder

When we talk about powder fire extinguishers, we usually mean those that are filled with ABC extinguishing powder. ABC powder fire extinguishers are still by far the most widely used fire extinguishers in Germany.

Fire class suitability

ABC powder fire extinguishers are, as the regular and complete designation indicates, suitable for fire classes A (burning solids), B (flammable liquids) and C (flammable gases).

They are the only fire extinguishers approved for ABC fire classes. Portable powder fire extinguishers from DÖKA are available both as continuous pressure and rechargeable fire extinguishers with 2, 6, 9 and 12kg capacities. Commonly used are 2, 6, 9 and 12kg. In addition, powder extinguishers with 1 and 4 kg are also approved. However, these sizes do not play a role in Germany and are due to the sizes in other EU countries. Furthermore, DÖKA also has mobile extinguishers with ABC extinguishing powder in its range.


  • The extinguishing effect of ABC extinguishing powder is sudden and cannot be surpassed in extinguishing power
  • The extinguishing powder cloud protects the operator from smoke and radiant heat
  • In smaller rooms, "blind extinguishing" may be sufficient to contain the fire
  • Powder decontaminated by fire debris can be easily picked up
  • Old NBC powder that is no longer usable can be processed into fertiliser


  • Contamination prohibits the use of powder fire extinguishers from the outset in many operational areas. This is the case, for example, with all sensitive equipment such as computers, printing machines, switchgear and control systems, etc.
  • The rapidly spreading cloud of powder can cause panic in rooms that are heavily frequented by people, e.g. in department stores, theatres, cinemas
  • Due to too little or no training, powder fire extinguishers are often used in far too large numbers. This often results in considerable consequential damage

Consequently, powder fire extinguishers are generally only used in outdoor areas, warehouses, underground garages and other areas with correspondingly insensitive materials. Powder fire extinguishers can often be usefully replaced by foam fire extinguishers.

BC extinguishing powder

Fire extinguishers with BC powder are hardly ever used today. Since BC extinguishing powder is electrically only extremely weakly conductive, the main areas of use are in power plants, transformer stations, etc. (VDE 0132 must be observed).
For these areas, DÖKA offers the BC powder fire extinguishers of the Pi-BS-36 series.

Certain BC extinguishing powders can also be used in electroplating plants. The DÖKA BC powder fire extinguishers Pi-BS-37 are suitable for this.

D extinguishing powder (metal fire powder)

A special extinguishing agent for use on combustible light metals, fire class D.
For this purpose, DÖKA has the PM12i-02 fire extinguisher and, as a mobile extinguisher, the PM50-02 in its range. Both extinguishers are also suitable for lithium.

Powder fire extinguisher DÖKA Gi6BS-04