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Extinguishing agent water

Water is the oldest known extinguishing agent. DÖKA water fire extinguishers are available as continuous pressure and rechargeable fire extinguishers with 6 and 9 litre capacities. These extinguishers are only approved and suitable for fire class A, i.e. solid embers.

Fire class suitability

Water fire extinguishers are only approved for fire class A (combustible solids).

They are not suitable for the important fire class B (flammable liquids). The extinguishing effect is mainly based on the cooling effect. In order to increase the extinguishing performance, so-called spray nozzles are used on these extinguishers to atomise the water as finely as possible. In outdoor use, with relatively strong winds, this is of course rather a disadvantage. To increase the extinguishing effect of these devices even more, various chemical additives are almost always added to the water in order to reduce the surface tension of the water. Thus, strictly speaking, one can only speak of "water extinguishers" by their fire class suitability.

For use in outdoor areas, cooling brines can also be added to water extinguishers to achieve a frost resistance of up to -30 °C.

Due to the limited application range of water fire extinguishers (only fire class A), they are increasingly being replaced by foam fire extinguishers, which also cover fire class B.


  • With pure water (without additives) "clean extinguishing agent"
  • Low consequential damage due to extinguishing agent


  • Only suitable for fire class A
  • Without additives only very weak extinguishing performance
Water fire extinguisher DÖKA Wi6BS