Permanent pressure - Frost protected

Foam fire extinguisher SN 6TAF

With manometer


Our foam fire extinguishers are equipped with a specially designed nozzle which provides excellent cooling and penetration effects on Class A fires and additional sealing effects on Class B fires. The nozzle is also safety tested against accidental use on live electrical equipment up to 1.000 Volts. Contrary to dry powder extinguishers which are also suitable for Class A and B fires foam extinguishers only leave minimal residue after operation. The foam extinguishant is most effective on Class B fires although it can also be used on Class A fires. A fast flowing film forms a gastight blanket on liquid surfaces giving rapid fire control and burnback security. It is stable on fuels with

proportions of polar additives like alcohol and other ones. It is also invaluable in preventing serious Class B fires by application to spilled flammable liquids before ignition.

Foam extinguisher, e.g. DÖKA SN6TAF, capacity 6 l, with squeeze grip valve, pressure gauge, check valve, hose with spray nozzle, wall bracket.
Tested and approved in accordance with DIN EN 3 for Class AB fires. Stored pressure type.