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Brown coal dust fires Wi9BKSF

Wi9BKSF - Cartridge operated with aqueous solution, frost-proof

PREMIUM LINE - Brass valve and safety device for the highest demands on quality and safety

The DÖKA cartridge operated fire extinguishers of the BS series are equipped with a high-quality push button valve and cap nut made of nickel-plated brass. In addition to the standard, the BS series is also equipped with an additional pressure relief valve with a brass body, which protects the cylinder from excess pressure. The generous dimensioning of the safety device and strike button enables the fire extinguisher to be operated with gloves. The ergonomic handle with finger recesses and slip protection offers excellent carrying comfort. The rotating extinguishing pistol enables optimal control of the extinguishing agent jet and the operation of the fire extinguisher with just one hand.

The DÖKA BS series is the highest quality equipment variant of our rechargeable fire extinguishers. High-quality materials, the ergonomic design and the extensive selection of different types of fire extinguishers. We offer frost-proof wet and grease fire extinguishing agents as well as special extinguishing devices exclusively in the BS series. The PREMIUM LINE for the highest demands on quality, reliability and safety.

The DÖKA cartridge operated powder fire extinguishers of the BS-series with internal propellant cartridge. The fire extinguisher is only put under operating pressure after pulling the securing and depressing the push button when it is in use. This ensures a high level of operational reliability, saves material and minimizes maintenance costs.

Aqueous solution for dust fires

The DÖKA special extinguishing devices Wi9BKSF are suitable for fighting lignite dust smoldering fires or other dust explosion hazardous areas. The long hose and the long extinguishing lance allow the user a sufficient distance from the source of the fire. With an additive, the extinguishing agent is frost-resistant down to -30 ° C.


Capacity: 9 ltr. Aqueous solution
Dimensions H x W x D ca. mm: 1040 x 250 x 195
Weight ca. kg: 16,7
Throw range ca. m: -
Discharge time ca.: 14 minutes
Operating temp. °C: -30 to +60


Approval based on DIN EN 3

Areas of application

Mining, mills, silos, asphalt mixing plants, areas at risk of dust fire


The fire extinguisher Wi9BKSF was tested for lignite dust smoldering fires. When using on other types of dust than lignite dust, as part of the risk assessment the operator must always carry out appropriate tests for the effectiveness and safety of the extinguishing devices and extinguishing agents used. DÖKA Feuerlöschgerätebau GmbH does not guarantee the effectiveness and safety of dust other than lignite dust.


DÖKA brown coal dust extinguisher Wi9BKSF
  • Push button valve with brass body and safety valve
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Cylinder with polyester resin coating
  • Turnable pistol
  • Foot ring with hose adapter to protect the bottom of the cylinder
  • Bilingual operating screen German / English