NEW! Cartridge operated foam

DÖKA mobile foam fire extinguisher S50 Bio+

Fluorine free
for Lithium-Ion-batteries

The mobile foam extinguishers DÖKA S50 Bio+ are filled with a special foam. This is particularly suitable for cooling burning lithium-ion batteries but also for class F fires - cooking oil and fat fires *.
The extinguishing agent Berki Cold is fluorine-free and therefore particularly environmentally friendly!

The DÖKA S50 Bio+ is delivered with a standard foam nozzle. The innovative design of these fire extinguishers combines all the features that can be placed on modern fire extinguishers of this type. Namely, maximum functional benefit, simple service and low maintenance costs. Extinguishing agent container and chassis form two separate units. In this way, welded connections on the pressure vessel are reduced to the bare minimum and any repair work is considerably simplified.

The extinguishing agent container is made of stainless steel and offers the best possible corrosion protection and a considerably longer service life than extinguishing agent containers with an interior coating. The large base frame of the chassis serves as a ram protection for the container and as a carrying aid for transport over stairs and landings. A steel support ensures that the fire extinguisher is secure, even when it is in use.

The adjusted pressure regulation guarantees a constant jet of extinguishing agent from the beginning to the end of the extinguishing.

The S50 Bio + can be supplied with a hose length of either 5 or 10 m.


  •     Modular construction of container and carriage frame
  •     Stainless steel container with polyester resin coating to protect against corrosion
  •     Fixed pressure regulation for constant extinguishing agent output
  •     Large wheels for easier transport
  •     Simple service, therefore low maintenance costs
  •     Extinguishing agent suitable for lithium-ion batteries
  •     Extinguishing agent suitable for cooking oil and cooking fat fires *

* According to DIN EN 1866, an approval for fire class F (cooking oil and fat fires) is not provided for mobile extinguishing devices and is therefore not declared on the operating screen of the fire extinguisher.