Cartridge operated - Foam

Frost protected


The fire extinguisher SF50A and SF50B are filled with a frost-resistant foam agent which enables using at temperatures of up to -30 ° C. The innovative design of these fire extinguishers combines all the features that can be placed on modern extinguishers of this type. Namely ultimate functional benefits, easier service and low maintenance costs. Extinguishing agent container and chassis form two separate units. Welding compounds are reduced to a minimum and greatly simplifies any maintenance work . The large base frame of the chassis serves as guards for the container , as well as carrying aid for transport over stairs and ledges . A steel support ensures a safe location for the fire extinguisher, even during use.

The cylinder is made of stainless steel and provides optimal corrosion protection, a significantly longer life than cylinders with inline-coating. The adjusted pressure regulation ensures a consistent extinguishing agents beam from start extinguishing.

The fire extinguisher SF50A comes with a standard foam nozzle.
The SF50B is equipped with a high performance foam nozzle, which throws up to 16 m and heights allows up to 8 m and is thus ideally suited for protecting high storage shelves.

Both the SF50A and SF50B are available with either 5 or 10 mtr.
Hose length available