Cartridge operated BS-Series

Water fire extinguisher Wi 6BF

Frost protected with brass valve and additional safety device


Water fire extinguisher, e.g. DÖKA Wi6BF, capacity 6 l, with forged brass push button valve, safety device, CO2-cartridge, hose with turnable pistol, spray nozzle, wall bracket. Tested and pproved in accordance with DIN EN 3 for Class A fires. Cartridge operated type. Frost protected up to -30°C. Water extinguishers are well suited for the extinguishing of inflammable and heat forming materials e.g. wood and textiles. Our water extinguishers excel by outstanding throwing ranges up to 12 meters and heights up to 7 meters. Thereby fires can be extinguished pinpoint and efficiently, even preserving a high safe distance.

The fluorine free extinguishing agent consists of pure water with a small addition of Additive which prevents for decay and corrosion. If freeze protected extinguisher required we need a higher part of brine.